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I don’t understand how people I once considered friends could be so cruel during my mental illness, and yet still carry on with their lives as though they are good and blameless and never hurt anyone… how???

4 thoughts on “How?

  1. We’re often oblivious to the pain we cause others because we can’t be inside their heads. On some level, everyone is capable of empathy. Some have a finer attenuation to it’s cruel grasp. But I know this feeling. People tend to distance themselves from us when we’re at our lowest because they don’t want to feel that misery too. It took me a long time to find the three or four friends I have that I can talk to about my problems unashamedly. But along the way, I lost a lot of people I thought cared about me the most. You’ll find your support network, eventually we all do. And on that day you’ll discover who your truest friends are. And chances are, they’ll be someone you never would have expected.

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